Saturday, December 29, 2007

The 2 Christmas Dresses

Chicago Midwest Orchestra trip 2007

Highland High school
Symphonic strings trip
to the Midwest Clinic in

On December 17th, 2007 Rebecca and Terri got to go to
Chicago with the Highland High School Symphonic Strings.
We were invited to attend the Midwest Clinic. This is an
honor for a high school to be invited. This was Highlands
Second time. It was a amazing trip.

Terri and Rebecca getting ready to board the plane for Chicago.

Rebecca and the Bean

Look, Real ice skaters!

We had 2 buses that we took all around Chicago
This is the Hotel we stayed at.

We went to the Navy Pier and ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp.

Then It was back to the hotel for rehearsal.

We went to the Chicago aquarium. It was one of the oldest
in the united states. Here is Becca riding a turtle

Thats a big jelly Fish, give it a hug!

Becca and her friend Kyle

Becca found a moosen in the lunch room.

Dolphins put on a great show.

The kids performed at 8am. They had a great performance.

Rebecca and I in the Hilton after the performance

After the performance we had a lunchen to honor the
guest conducters and students.

We went to William Lees Violin shop. They make violins
and Violas and cello's at this shop.

This was a $300,000 dollar Violin. Rebecca go to play it.

For dinner we went to Ed Debevics. It is a crazy place.
This is a table of chaperones

The Chicago skyline at night

Then it was off the see Phantom of the opera.
It was so wonderful. The music is amazing.

This is the museum of science and industry
There was a whole section of christmas around
the world. There was a shop and christmas trees
decorated by many countries.

This is a real submarine that was captured from one of the wars.

Look mom Snow!!

The whole gang

Wrigley Field

We rode the subway to China Town

China Town

Gino's East Pizza

This place was interesting. They gave us paint pins
to write on the walls. All the walls in the whole place
were covered in writing.

We went to see the Chicago Symphony.

Rebecca with her Teachers, Mrs Bennett and Mr Bitter.

The Skydeck is on the 103 floor.

Rebecca hanging from the Sears Tower.

It was very foggy, This was the only view. looking stright

On the way home, Some of the students played for the
passengers. They played white Christmas.