Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Steve's birthday 2009

Okay, Steve is going to be really
mad that I put this on the blog.
But Happy Birthday Steve!!
53 looks good!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jessica and Scott

My Florida Family

August Florida Trip

After we dropped Rebecca off in Orlando, Mom and I
went to Tampa to visit her brother Preston. We
were also able to visit long past relatives and I
got to meet Rosemary my mom's cousin. She was great !
I had heard so much about her all my life that
it was such a treat to finely meet her.

This Rosemary and Mom showing me where
everyone rests.

This is the road my mom used to walk down
as a girl.

This is the place that Mom and Rosemary danced
at when they were girls

This is the Elementary School Mom went to when she
lived here as a girl.

Florida Trip 2009

In August Becca, Mom, and I went to Florida.
We had 2 things to do. Drop off Becca at
Disney world for her Collage Program.
the second thing was to go to Sarsota and
Visit my Uncle Preston and see the sites
where my mom grew up. This Entry is
about Becca.

Becca with our rental Car. Look a Florida Plate.
It rained a lot while we were there. This is the
view from the hotel window.

Downtown disney

We had dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe.
busses take you anywhere you want to go.

Grammie and Becca in her Apartmant

Becca with her name tag. Good Luck Becca

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July Vacation

In July, Jessica and I traveled to Rexburg to
surprise Becca for her Orchestra concert. Jessica
had so much fun Sitting in becca's Room at her
appartment, when becca came home from class
she was very surprised. that night we got to watch
her orchestra concert. She did great!!

Becca and her stand partner

This is the tool shed Dad built in the backyard.
Dad on the phone
Mom on the phone
Where they are serving their Mission!
Dad working in his garden
Dad reading the paper

Jessica brought flowers to Amanda
While we were in Ephrata, Jessica practiced
her driving. She drove almost everyday.
she had lots of experiences driving. on the
Highway, in town and around the neighborhood.
While we were home Smash Mouth performed
down at the court house lawn. It was so fun
to go and see them.

This is the last sunday we were there.
Jessica and I played in church. Jessica
played her viola while I accompanied her
on the piano.

Grandma has some awesome

We went back to Rexburg to watch
Becca's dance concert. We went
to monkey rock for a swim and a picnic.

Becca and her roommates

Nick made foil dinners and roasted corn on the fire.

Yum It was so good.

Ok, when I took this picture it was pitch dark.
I aimed the camara and here is what we got.
Becca even poses when it is dark out.

The night before we left, Becca and her
roommate were up to mischief.
Silly girls.
This is the car. you could not get another thing
into it.

We did manage to fit becca in though.

We then went to Draper to stay with our friends
Tami and Brittany. We went to the temple
open house.

at Thanksgiving point