Friday, September 26, 2008


Ok Teresa, I will play with you. Ive never done one of these before. So here goes!!

Two names you go by:1. Mum 2. Merry Sunshine

Two things you are wearing right now:1. jeans 2. Light Green short sleeve shirt

Two things you ate today:1. Pizza (Its Pizza Friday) 2. Bannana

Two things you did last night:1. Finished a Puzzle 2. Fell asleep on the couch(AHH im turning into my father!)

Two Things you want very badly at this moment: 1. My PJ's 2. A Hug

Last two people you just spoke to:1. Steve (Husband not brother) 2. Jessica

Two things you're doing tomorrow: 1. Visiting Teaching 2. RS Womans Confence.

Two longest car rides:1. Arizona to Washington 2. Oregon to Arizona

Two favorite beverages:1. Ice Water 2. Chocolate Milk

Ok, now I'm going to tag Tami G., Barbara H.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family Birthday Party

Jessica's Family Birthday Party

Jessica and her Ice Cream Cake I made for her, Yum Yum

The Family

Joseph and Jessica
Jessica with her webkins!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Kitchen Counters

We got new Granite Countertops !!
On Sept 15th, we had new granite countertops put in. This is something I have been
needing for a very long time. We had quite and interesting path to get here,
but the day finely came. Below is before picture.


After the counters were taken off.

After! The faucet has not been put in yet but the counters look great!

We had the downstairs bathroom done also.

This is my new under the counter sink. It is composite of granite.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jessica's 17th Birthday

Happy 17th Birthday Jessica

On September 18th, jessica turned 17 year old. She had a great day. After she came home from school. I took Ruben and Jessica to the Guitar Center to pick out a Bass Guitar.
She found a beautiful black bass. She also got an amp. We went to In and Out burger for dinner.
For her Birthday desert she choose an Ice Cream Cake. She had a great day.

Ruben and Jessica

Jessica and her new bass

Happy 17th Birthday Jessica

Grant gave jessica a guitar!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Jeff's 13th Birthday

Jeff turns 13 !
On August 30, Jeff turned 13. Rebecca took him out for lunch an nondo's.
They had chocolate nachos. Congradulataions on being a teenager!!
We love you!


Diamondbacks Game
On Friday August 29, We took the family and the boys to the Diamondbacks Game.
We were playing L.A. Dodgers. It was a good game the Diamondbacks won 9 - 3.
It was Rebecca's first Baseball game. It was fun to go as a family.
The girls thought it was fun to take their boys with them too.

Rebecca with the organ player.

Chase Field

Grant and Rebecca

Ruben and Jessica

Big Storms in Gilbert
On Thursday August 28, We had a Big storm in the phoenix area. There was a lot of lighting
and almost 2 inches of rain. The lighting was so crazy. I have never seen it like this before.
They said there were almost 8000 lighting strikes in an hour.
Jessica took this picture on video of the storm.