Sunday, December 28, 2008

100th post

Celebrating my 100th post!

OK, so it is my 105th post. I really wanted to catch it before it
went over 100. Wow, what a great year we have had.
I have really enjoyed my blog and being able to keep all my
friends and family up to date on what we have been
doing during the year. From the happy stuff like
Becca graduation to the sad stuff like my
beloved Tiger passing on. I am so glad that I can keep
everyone close to us by sharing our lives. I hope the
next 100 posts will be entertaining and interesting so
you will all keep coming back. With Becca going to school
in Idaho, I hope to have some cool posts. get it cool like
lots of snow and cold temps. so here is to the next 100 posts,
may they be even more exciting the the first 100. For Teresa,
I will try to write more words. As she knows
I prefer pictures to words.
A picture is worth a thousand words.

More christmas eve movies

This one is the best

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008
Looks like santa came to our house
The Girls must have been good this year.

Max enjoying the wrapping paper

Opening gifts

Jessica got a new phone!

Cat toys $7, cat nip $10, discarded christmas paper priceless

Find the cat in this photo
You may know I collect Negtivity sets. This is one
of my new ones Becca got for me. Thanks to
Beccas job at the American Greeting store in the mall,
I was able to get the whole willow tree nagtivity set.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve Party

Christmas Eve Party 2008

Its party time again. Yes we had a great party this year
we had about 27 people show up this year.
It was fun to have so many friends and family join us.
Once again the food was so good. The Giant shrimp
were the favorite.

The Food!

The Pinata this year was the shape of a Christmas ornament.
last year Jeff destroyed the pinata on his first try.
So I was determined to make one this year
that would last long enough for everyone to get
at least one turn. So I put on 4 layers of newspaper,
masking tape, then the tissue paper layer. let me tell you that
puppy was strong. Everyone got at least 3 turns.
finely Jeff and Joey destroyed it. Even Josh go in the act.
there is a video showing how he really gave it a few
wackes. The only thing I can advise about the
pinata, is to not put candy necklaces in it.
when it finely broke, the necklaces were in a thousand
pieces. Although the tootsie rolls survived in tack.

Jessica taking a turn.

Jeff trying to kill my Pinata,
Joey Legger takes a turn, No luck!

Josh, can he do it.
NO way.

Swing Josh
Uncle Steve being silly with the Pinata
Look at all those gifts, There were some silly ones.
like the Moon Sand, scooby do DVD. We had lots of candy
Hot chocolate, even homemade cookies.

Grants turn to pick a gift.

We had a pretty good crowd this year for our game.
We also had Cherry Cheese pie and read the
Christmas story before everyone went home.
Thanks to everyone who attended.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Painting Christmas Cookies
We have done another Christmas Tradition.
We painted christmas cookies. The girls love
to paint cookies. Grant loved doing it too.
It is fun to see how they decorate each cookie.

Rebecca and Grant

Jessica, Becca and Grant

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Becca goes to Disneyland

Rebecca goes to Disneyland
for christmas Grant took Rebecca to Disneyland.
They stayed with Grants Aunt, She lives very
close to the park. The first day it rained and it was
cold. The next day it was sunny.
They had a great time.

Viola Recital

Jessica has her Christmas Viola Recital
On Friday December 19th, jessica had her Viola recital.
She played a piece called Angel melody
She did a beautiful job. I hope you enjoy It.

Jessica with her Teacher

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gingerbread Houses

December 14, 2008

It is time again for our old family tradation
of making Gingerbread houses. We invited
Grant to do one also.The kids had fun
creating their houses.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Jessica's Dance Glendale Glitters

Jessica's Dance from Glendale Glitters
Let it snow, Let it snow

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Glendale Glitters show

Danceing at Glendale Glitters

Saturday December 13th, we went to the Glendale Civic Center for a dance show. Rebecca was in 4 numbers and Jessica was in 1. It was a beautiful night. A little windy but not to cold. The show was Becca's last dance show because she leaves for school January 1st. So it was kinda happy and sad for me. I love watching her dance. I am so thankful Jessica is dancing. she did awesome in her danceing, I am so proud of both my girls. After the show we all walked around and looked at the craft booths and food booths. As you will see we really enjoyed the food booths. They had carmaled apples and Chocolate strawberries. The best part was the Kettle corn. We got some to take home to steve. It was a great Saturday Night.

Opening number-Jingle Bell Rock

Christmas Island

Santa's got a brand new bag. This is a
duet with Kristyn and Austin. Becca Choreographed it.

Jessica, Grant, and Becca

The girls enjoying their treats

Jessica and her strawberrieis

Yummy Becca

Jessica sharing with becca. good job jessica

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Temple lights

Mesa Temple Lights
On Friday December 12th, we went to LJ'S for Pizza and
them to see the temple lights. We had fun at LJ'S first.
Rebecca, Jessica, and Terri got to play with the
Harmonica band. Then we ate pizza and Ice cream
and then off to see the Temple lights. I think there were
more this year than in years past. It was so beautiful and
the weather was perfect. Not to cold at all.
Grant and Becca at LJ'S
(more pizza pictures to come)

Terri, Steve, Jessica, Rebecca, and Grant at the Temple lights.

The temple lights were so beautiful this year.

We like the three wise men lights.

Grant and Becca



Joseph and Mary

Manger scene

More lights

The Beautiful Girls

Jessica in front of the reflecting pool.