Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rebecca gets a new car

This week we were able to add a new addition to our family. Rebecca has named it Ricky. It is white and has four wheels. We are so happy to have another car in our family. It has been hard sharing when we all have to go different directions. Now Becca will have a little more freedom, and so will I.

Beauty and the Beast

Rebecca in "Beauty and the Beast"
on April 24 - 26 Rebecca was in the play at
Highland High School.
she was a dancing napkin in the Be our Guest scene.

Rebecca in her costume.

Rebecca and Jessica after the show.

Rebecca and the Prince

Rebecca and Gaston

Rebecca and her friend Rachel

Rebecca and Peter, he was the chair.

Ryan and Rebecca, He played a villiager and the rug

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Terri turnes 47, A New Beginning.

Hey, Yes its true, I am turning 47. Wow, hard to believe I'm so old. Sorry Mom. It has been a great birthday weekend. It started on Saturday, the doorbell rang and there on the door step were some beautiful orange roses. They are so beautiful, Becca and Steve picked them out for me. Also Becca has made me a cake and decorated it for me. She did a great job. On Sunday Teresa, Emi, Joseph, and Josh, the only well Hartman's in Arizona, Came over to share cake and sing the Birthday song to me. It was so great, I loved Every minute of it. I opened may gifts and ate cake and ice cream. It has been a great weekend, and it is not even my real birthday yet.

OK speaking about birthdays, I am taking a different attitude about birthdays this year, especially after Becca's birthday. I have realized that parents really spoil their children when it comes to birthdays. They make them think that the birthday is a holiday, a day of cake, ice cream, confetti, presents, special outings, and balloons. This is great when you are young, but as adults they forget to tell us that birthdays are just another day. It is NOT a Holiday. I believe this is why so many adults hate their birthdays. They have not realized that birthday Holidays are only for kids.

Adult birthdays are a day to thank your mother and father for having you. For being thankful when someone notices its your birthday and being happy you are still alive and kicking. I have realized this, and I can say for the first time I am free. I am so excited for my birthday, I am thankful for the cake Becca made me. for the cards from my Mom and Dad, Jon and Kre, and Teresa and Steve. For the beautiful flowers Steve and Becca got me. and for that silly Birthday song Joseph and family sang so bad. I feel free knowing it is not a holiday and no one is expected to remember. I am free to just have a great day, and find all the free stuff I can.

The Beautiful Orange Roses

The Birthday Cake Becca Made For My Birthday.

Me and My Cake

Rebecca enters Relief Society

As you know, Rebecca turned 18 a couple of weeks ago. She decided she wanted to enter Relief Sociey, The Womans group at the church. On April 6th, I was able to spot light her during the meeting so that all the sister could get to know her better. It was fun to be able to think about what I would say about her so people could get to know her better. This was very special to my heart to be able to do this. I wanted to share on my blog what I said about her:

Rebecca Urie was born in chandler Arizona on april 5th. She has lived in Mesa Arizona, Hillsboro Oregon, Auburn Washington, and Gilbert Arizona. She has one sister Jessica and 2 brothers tiger and max our cats.

She found out at an early age she had a love and talent for dancing. She started at age 2 with a tumbling class, then on to studio dance in all styles of dancing. Becca started playing the violin in elementary school, she now plays with the symphony orchestra and the starlight serenade at highland high school. She is the principal 2nd violin. She is also in the One Image dance company at Highland. Rebecca had been in dance companies since she was 5 yrears old and currently is at desert star dance. Her favorite style of dance is musical theater.

Rebeccas favorite food is Mexican, she loves nandos and paradise café. Moose and lamas are her favorite animals.

Rebecca is so much fun, she is very creative, she designes plates and hand bags. Any thing you ever wanted to know about Disney you can ask her. She loves Disneyland and Disney history. When she grows up she wants to be belle at Disneyland. Or maybe a radio city rockette, or a home stager or an interior decorator.

She hopes to attend BYU-Idaho in the winter semester just like her parents did.

Rebecca has earned her seminary stake pres honors award for 3 years and is on her way to recieveing it this year, her forth. A few weeks ago she met her goal of getting her YW recognition award twice. She now has a silver and gold necklace.

I will say she is so ready to be in Relief Society, she has become a wonderful woman, she has a strong testimony of the gospel and knows her savior. I hope you all get to know and enjoy my daughter Rebecca lyn Urie.

I look forward in a couple of years to do this again for my Daughter Jessica.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Rebecca and Kylee's Sweet Birthday Party

On Saturday April 18, Rebecca and her friend Kylee Had a Sweet Birthday party. The had a lunch and played bunko. After the game they had Strawberry short cake for desert.

Kylee and Rebecca the Birthday Girls!

Jessica wearing the Bunko Hat!

The whole group of party goers. For lunch we had fruit salad, Spinach Strawberry salad, Pasta salad,
and Croissants with chicken salad.

We also had a chocolate fountain. There were strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows,

pretzels, and apple slices.

Jessica at the beautiful table. Rebecca made the arrangement.

There were two groups playing Bunko.

Becca and Kylee blowing out the candles on their Short cake.

Rebecca and one of her friends.
Thanks for the gifts guys!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Senior Prom 2008

Today Is Rebecca's Senior Prom 2008. She went with Zeke. They went on a day date with their group. They went to Freestone Park and had a picnic and then went to one of the guys houses and played Idol Karoke. She had a great time. Tonight the Group is going to dinner at Zeke's house, then to the Prom at Falcon Field then on to Alex's house before coming home. Sounds like a fun night. There are 8 couples in their group.

Becca and Zeke

Nice Hat Zeke

Our beautiful Princess

Crazy Kids

What was he thinking?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Rebecca

Look who is "18"

That was then and this is now. Rebecca turned 18 on April 5th.

Time has sure gone by fast. Its hard to believe we have an

18 year old. The first thing she wanted to do on the morning

of her birthday was register to vote.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dance Concert

At the dance concert at Highland High school, Rebecca was in a number where she and a few orchestra friends played a song and the girls danced around them. Also I have put a picture from her Senior Solo. It was called "A Chance to Dance". It was very beautiful.

2008 One Image Dance Concert

2008 One Image Highland High Dance Concert

On April 3 and 4, Highland High Had their last dance concert of the year. It highlighted the seniors that are graduating this year. Many of rebecca's friends and teachers came to see her senior solo and performance. Thanks to all who came to support her in her love of dancing.