Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Dance from the Heart" DSD Recital 2009

This year the theme for our Production for our
dance studio was "Dance from the Heart." We had
three shows this year. We had a Friday night show,
a Saturday afternoon, and a Saturday night show.
each show was different. Jessica danced in all three
shows this year. She had four dances. Her company
dances, Swing Daddies and Cookie jar. Her Lyrical
dance and Jazz dance called American Boy.

She did so good, I am so proud of her efforts in
her dancing. She had improved so much this
year. She had a leap in her jazz dance that
would have made her sister proud.

Our studio logo

Jessica's Individual photo

Company Dance "Swing Daddies"

Company Dance "Cookie Jar" (a hip hop dance)

Her Lyrical dance

"Cookie Jar"

What a cutie!

Another shot of American Boy

Recital shot of Swing Daddies

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mothers Weekend at BYU idaho

I was able to go up to BYU Idaho for Mothers weekend.
I left home on Thursday May 28th and flew up
to Salt Lake City and Rented a car. I was able to visit
my good friend Tami. I stayed the night with her.
It was such a great visit. Then on Friday morning
I left and drove to Rexburg, Idaho. I arrived in
time to go to Becca's Dance class. They happen to
be doing Yoga that day. It was so fun to
participate. Later that day we were able to
go to her Orchestra class. In the evening we drove
to Idaho Falls and had dinner at Garcia's.
It was so good, and nice to visit with my
Becca. I so enjoyed meeting all her friends and
Roommates. They are such wonderful people.
Becca is so blessed to have such great friends.

Eryn, Nick and Becca

On Friday we also went to Physical Therapy. Becca
Hurt her ankle in January and is working
to get it back to 100%

We went to the mall and had a blast shopping
and having fun.

Saturday night we went to see William Joseph.
It was a very good show. Enjoyed it so much

This was the Violinist who played with William. She was
outstanding. It was great that Becca got to meet her.

On Sunday I was able to got to church with
Becca. She is such a great daughter. This
is the Corsage she got for me. It is so beautiful.

Becca and I before Church.

This is one of Becca's Roommates Lindsay. She is so
sweet. I was so glad I got to get to know her.

This is some of Becca's friends and Eryn her roommate.

OK so we were outside taking pictures because
I kept forgetting to take pictures. so these boys
walk by and Becca gets them to take a
picture with them.

I loved this picture of Eryn and Becca

Eryn, Nicole, Nick and Becca

so once again this couple was waking by and we had
to take a picture with them.

These boys were out Home teaching. Once again
we had to get a picture of them.

Becca had to get into the photo.

The girls made dinner Sunday night. It was such
fun to have dinner with them. In the picture is
Becca, Lindsay, Eryn, the girl I don't remember her
name, and I think Rachel.

In this picture is Nicole, Becca and Lindsay

Me and Rebecca

Rexburg Temple, It is so Beautiful. It sits on a hill
and you can see it as you come into the city. It
is so beautiful at night too.

So this is my trip. The other activity we did was
stadium singing. this is where kids meed under the
bleachers at the stadium and sing hymns on Sunday night
for a half hour. Wow, that was so neat. Becca
is in the place she needs to be. It was such a great
weekend. I felt such a great spirit of peace of love.
I think a weekend is not enough, I look forward to
mothers WEEK. Then I will take Grandma with me.
Thanks Becca for such a great weekend. I love you!

Thanks Tami and Brittany

Last Thursday, May 28th, I left home for my big
adventure. I went to see my dear friend Tami and her
daughter Brittany, they lives in Draper Utah.
It was so great to visit with them again. Tami took
me to this great place where there were cute
shops and a restraunt in this old mill. It was very
beautiful there, and the shops were so fun.
It was so nice to have such great friends.
I am very blessed. Now Tami you need to come
visit me!!