Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jessica's Viola Recital

On Friday May 22, Jessica had her end of the year
Viola Recital. She played so good. I have included the
video of her song. She is doing so good on her Viola.

Play Ball!

I was very so lucky to be able to help Teresa this
season with games. I got to take my turn taking
kids to their games and watching. It was so much
fun. I got to watch Starr's Games, Emi's Games,
and Jeff's Games. Sorry Joseph Auntie did not
get to any of yours. They are all very good and
It was so much fun to share this with each of them.
It was fun to watch Steve Hartman Coach for
Emi's Team. Great job Steve. I hope I can do
this again next year.

Starr at her last game.

Jeff had a great hit in this game! good job Jeff

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jessica's May Orchestra Concert 2009

This was the last concert of the year. Jessica is playing
the viola. She did a great job this year. It was so
nice to be able to see her when she played. Being a
viola, sometimes I do not get to see her during
concerts. The chamber Orchestra played
two pieces. It was great!

Jessica happy that it is over!


Becca has asked me to find some sister pictures for her
school project. It was really fun for me to go through
all the old pictures of the girls. They are such beautiful
girls then and now. I feel very blessed as a mom
to have such great kids.

Looking back it made me realize that we really did
do a lot of fun thing together. All the trips, Holidays,
activities, were such great memories. I think
now I get to go back and relive those old memories.
Is that what getting old is all about. your kids leave
and all you are left with are memories. and
the memories that are to be made in the future?
as you can see this experience has really made me
reflect. I wanted to share some of my favorite
photos from my searching. Enjoy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cathy Roe Dance Competition

On saturday May 3rd, Desert Star Dance went
to the Cathy Roe Dance Competition.
Our studio did great! Jessica and her
Danceline girls did great also. They won
a High Gold for their dance. It is always
fun to see all the dances and watch
Jessica dance.
Jessica did a great job!

Jessica and Hailey