Monday, June 30, 2008

Swim Time

Time to Swim

Jessica in the pool. We got in the pool a week ago for the first time this summer.

Steve enjoying a relaxing swim

Pool Fun

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Desert Star Dance Presents "Dancing with the Stars"

Desert Star Dance Presents
"Dancing with the stars"
2008 Production

June 21, 2008 was the production of "Dancing with the Stars" Recital for Desert Star Dance. It was Rebecca's Senior Recital and Jessica also Performed. It was 2 great shows. Thanks to everyone who came and supported the girls in their danceing. Here are some pictures of the girls.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grand Opening

Grand Opening of Deseret A&L Institute.

On June 11th, we went to the Grand Opening of Deseret Aesthetic & Lifestyle Institute.
This is the place where Becca is working. We were able to meet Ali Vincent and Bette-Sue Burklund of the Biggest Loser. It was fun to meet them and see the place where Becca is working. There was a tour of the place and food.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Girls

My Girls


Mom and Jessica Project
This week Jessica and I have been doing lots of things together. Our big project was making stepping stones. As you can see Jessica is very talented and creative. Her stepping stone is the one that looks so great. She did a fantastic job. Mine on the other had looks very sad. We had fun doing the project together. We plan on making more in the future. So look for more projects.

Jessica's Stepping Stone

Terri's Stepping stone

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Yes, have had changes in my life. First having an 18 year old, then having her graduate, go off and get a job and go to collage. Wow, this is big. when the girls were babies I did not think about this day. I mostly thought about them turning 16 and wondering what kind of teens they would be. I can say I have the best girls ever. Jessica says that she is glad to be an only child. It does feel like it now as Becca is home less now than she was in High School. She started her job last Tuesday, and she started her summer collage class on Monday. She is also going to institute on Tuesday nights and finishing up her dancing year with her recital in two weeks.

It has been good for Jessica and I to hang out and do things together. I have been really busy with Becca her senior year. Now Rebecca is off being an adult, and Jessica and I are enjoying our well deserved time together. Jessica tried summer school on Monday, but that did not work out. It was to long of a day for her. So she is doing the Internet course. It is the same price, and Jessica has more time at home. She loved being homeschooled and that the Internet course is like that. The other thing Jessica is going to work on is getting her driving permit. I hope soon. Even thought It sure cost a lot to drive these days.


Grandpa Hartman turns 70
For Grandpa's 70th birthday, we took him to Rawhide western town. What a treat this was. There were cowboys and gun fights. It was a great day in Arizona, only in the 80's.

Grandpa with the town sheriff. He had everyone sing Happy Birthday to you.

Yes, there was a shotgun wedding. Grammie and grandpa got hitched. It was so fun.

A great end to a great evening. Dancing under the stars for the newlyweds.