Thursday, January 22, 2009

Peek a Boo I see you.
Becca called me yesterday and said I should go to the
BYU-I web side and look on the web cams. She was at the
Manwearing center getting a slushie with her friend Cami.
So Jessica and I found the Camara and there she was.
It was so good to see her. I could not believe she was
getting a slushie, Its like getting hot chocolate in Arizona
in the summer. Weird. But she said they were good.
So her is Becca on the web cam. We wanted to share with



Yes its Inaugaration day, a big day for our country getting
a new president. But this is not the Inaugaration im talking
about. It is the Inaugaration of our new Grill. Yes we have
had it for a few months, but today, Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
is the first day we used it. Steve did such a great job on the
counter he built. It was so fun to finely use it.

Friday, January 16, 2009


New Blinds!!
So, Finely after almost 11 years I got new blinds for
my downstairs windows. They are the 2" faux wood
blinds. I love them so much. It really makes a
difference. The old ones looked like something you
would find in the Dr. Office. But no more.

I leave the blind up a bit during the day so Max can
sit in the window and get warm.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Idaho Trip

Our Idaho Trip
Our trip up to Idaho went great! We had clear
roads all the way up and back. We had a little rain
going up when we crossed into idaho. But for the most
part it was smooth sailing. The way home was also clear
Steve had a couple of miles across the mountains
south of Beaver Utah. Also on Monday through
Flagstaff there was wet roads. They had gotten
snow on Sunday, so the roads were clear by
Monday. We were very blessed to have such
a smooth trip to get becca up to Idaho. I am
very thankful for all the prayers that were said for
us. Please continue to pray for Rebecca as
she now is on her own.
I feel like a mother bird that has let her little bird
fly from the nest. Fly little bird fly. You have
been prepared for this. you will be a great Bird
and Fly up, up, up. We will miss you, and look
forward to your return.
The road at Flagstaff

The beautiful snow. So nice to look at but not live in.

Jessica is so happy to be an only child.

The Rexburg Temple

The Rexburg Temple
This is the Rexburg Temple. It is a few blocks from
becca's Apartment. It is so beautiful at night because
it sits on the hill.

Rebecca to Idaho

Rebecca goes to BYU-I
On January 1st we left Arizona to take Rebecca to
Rexburg Idaho. She will be attending BYU-Idaho
this winter and spring semesters.
We had a great trip. The roads were clear and we had
great weather too. It was very cold in Idaho. I think
the high on Saturday was 14 degrees. But it was
sunny and clear so what more could you ask for.
Saturday morning we arrived at Becca's new apartment
to check in. She was able to pick what room she wanted.
There are 6 girls in her apartment. Her roommates
name is Hannah. She is from Idaho Falls.
The apartment is right across the street from campus.
one of her classes is in the building across the street.
she is very close to the laundry and not far from the
lounge and computer room.
We were able to get her all set up in her apartment.
she had plenty of food and had all her stuff put away.
her room is so cute.
Welcome to Idaho!

Rebecca's Apartment is on the bottom right.

We baught a curtain to cover the closet.
It is much nicer to look at.

The living room.

Grammie made the quilt for her bed. It is so beautiful.

She got her computer set up.

Look becca's new boots! nice weather huh?

Becca is all moved in. This is her side of the room

The kitchen. This is one of becca's Shelves.
check out all of that food.

Our last dinner together until summer.