Thursday, January 14, 2010


I took Jessica to see the Nutcracker Ballet.
We went out to lunch first. Applebee's
is one of Jessica's Favorite Restaurants.

After lunch we went to the Mesa performing
arts center to see the Ballet. We had
Third row center seats. It was great. you
could almost touch the performers.

After the Ballet we baught nutcracker
ornaments to remember the fun time
we had together.

Temple Lights 2009

The day after Thanksgiving we always go
to see the temple lights. This year we
went to Cici's Pizza for dinner.

Terri and Steve


Jessica and Jeff

Courtney and Jessica


Emi and Josh

Steve and Jeff

What a great family

Thanksgiving Cookies

Jessica and I made thanksgiving cookies this year.
We made two types of turkey cookies,
a scarecrod and
a frosted sugar cookie.

HHS Dance Concert

November 20th was the HHS
Dance concert. Jessica had two
dances. She did a great job.
Kristyn and Dianna came to support

Kristyn and Jessica

Courtney and Jessica

Thanks for the flowers mom, Dad and Becca

Halloween 2009

On Halloween we went to Steve's house
and helped with the trunk or treat. It was
fun to see the kids all dressed up, even
Steve gets into it.

Steve and Josh

Emi is such a Rock Star!

Jessica, Starr and Jena, lookin good girls.

WoW Jeff

Alice no its really Starr

Teresa grabbing a hot dog!

Later steve and I took joseph and josh out
for some trick or treating. This is always fun.

Carving Pumpkins

Jessica had fun carving pumpkins this year. she
loves to create original pieces.

Great job Jessica and Courtney!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walt Disney World Trip October 2009

During Fall Break, we were able to fly to Orlando
to see Becca. It was so much fun to be
together as a family again.

We went to Cocoa Beach to see the Atlantic Ocean.

There were so many Toll roads.

At Downtown Disney by the lego store we
found a dragon.
We got to eat at the Rain forest Cafe.

This is where Becca works, At the Lion King show

We got VIP seating thanks to Becca!

Jessica got picked to help with the show.

We rode Everest! Awesome ride

Visiting Disney Studios

We ate at Prime Time Cafe.

At the Laugh factory, steve got jokes played on
him. He was "that Guy" Very fun. He is
such a good sport. The jokes the girls
texted in were also told.

Magic Kingdom

You go girls!

At Epcot we were able to taste sodas
from all over the world.

"Test Track"

In the world showcase, Japan area, The girls
picked out some oysters to see if there
were any pearls in them. Jessica had
one big pearl and Becca had 2 pearls
in hers. Jessica made a ring out of hers
and Becca made earrings.


Winnie the pooh and Tigger too.

Mary Poppins looks a lot like Becca's
roommate lauren.

On the last day it rained so hard.

Epcot center

The Girls made cupcakes!

Bye Becca, We will see you in a few months!