Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Cutting the cake

This was so fun to see Mom and Dad
cutting the cake. Just like they did 50 years

the Reception

Phil and Barbara 50th Wedding Anniversary Reception
March 20,2009
Ivy Chapel
Ephrata, Washington

We had a slide show that ran the whole time

The Display Area

The Receiving Line

The Guests

Steve and Cousin Mary

Starr and the Guest book table

The Big Cake, It turned out so beautiful

The Cake Table

The other cake table.

Mom and Nancy


Time out Pizza Party

On Friday, Mom and Dad had a Pizza Party to feed
all the out of town guests. It was a blast. It was like
a huge wave of family all at once. It was so great to see
everyone. It was great food and great family.

Kreanna took great care of us.

As we arrived a few people were there

This is Mom's Maid of Honor on the left, Nancy
and her friend that came up from Oregon.
Sorry mom, I forgot her name

My cousin Michael.

Don't we all look like family.
Josh, Teresa, Aunt Linda,
Cousin Laurie, and Terri

Setting up for the Reception

On Thursday, March 19th, we were able to get into the
Ivy Chapel and start setting up for the reception on friday.
The room was not to big, so we had a task of arranging
all the tables so everything would fit. We had some great help.
Steve and Dad helped with the heavy lifting and moving.
Kreanna did a great job on the decorating. Teresa, Emi, Starr, and
Jessica helped set up tables and decorate them. Teresa
was a great help on the display area. It was so fun to
do this reception for Mom and Dad.

Setting up and Decorating the tables.

This was the table for the Big Cake

This was part of the display area we set up.

The Cake table

The Chairs where The Receiving line will be.

Looks like some happy helpers

Things are coming together

Emi is doing a great job on those tables.

We had help on making bows

Great job Kre

I forgot about Josh, he was also there to help

Here are the men moving heavy objects

Kre doing a great job on the back drop

Fun at DK'S

As you may know, it is a tradition to go eat at DK's
when we all go home. We love the Burgers, Onion
Rings, Fish and chips, Tarter sauce, and ice cream.
we had a nice time together.

Everyone eating at DK'S

Yum, that was good stuff!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sucker Time

I Brought the kids some suckers from
Disneyland. It was amazing how the kids love
suckers. they sat and just enjoyed them.
It was pretty sticky in the end. but it was
fun to watch them sit so quietly and eat them

Jessica Models Grandmas Wedding Dress

We had Jessica try on Grandma's wedding dress.
She looked so beautiful in it. It was so cool to
see it on. For many years it was just a dress hanging
in the Attic. Mom has had it cleaned and
we had Jessica try it on. It was so pretty.
I had not idea that there was a bow in the back.
It looked so different on than hanging on the hanger.