Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving 2008!
Octovber 28th, It was a tuesday night, and quiet was heard as the three kids carved their pumpkins. Jessica was making a symbol of some kind, Grant was carving the grim reaper, and becca was making a happy pumpkin face. Mom cooked the pumpkin seeds, yum.
Everyone carving their pumpkins

Grant did a great job on his pumpkin

Becca working hard to cut out a lid

Jessica designed her own.


Great Job Jessica

Grant with his finished pumpkin

What a cute face.

The finished pumpkins!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Freestone park fall festival

Freestone Park
Gilbert Family Halloween Carnival
On Saturday October 25, Jessica and I took Jeff, Starr, Emi, and Joseph to Freestone park for the Gilbert Family Halloween Carnival.
It was so much fun. We played games and walked around and looked at the booths. There were some good food booths like the kettle corn, Shaved Ice, and Fry Bread. We also went to see Jonnie and Brookie perform with Savvy and Mandy. They are all up coming Radio Disney stars. The Girls had a great time watching the show. as you will see Jeff was not all that impressed. Joseph was also right in there by the stage grabbing beach balls and glow in the dark bracelets. They also got the balls autographed by the girls.
Right before the show Becca and Grant showed up along with 2 of grants friends. They watched the show and played some games also. We had a great night together. Only one more week until Halloween!!
Emi and Starr right before the show

Jeff not so excited about the music.

Starr and Emi rocking out by the stage.

This is Savvy and Mandy performing, The girls are having a great time.

Showing off their autographed balls and cards.

The whole gang

Becca, Grant and friends

Emi racing a girl on this blowup, Emi wins!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Schneff Farms

Schneff Farms

On Friday October 17th, Jessica and Mom went to Schneff Farms for the day. We went with Sharon and Joe Legger. It was a fun, Hot day. We Took the train around the farm and went in the corn maze. We Had lunch there also. We had pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, yum.

We saw pig races and a man juggling fire. Jessica and Joey rode the bikes in the little people area. Then had a great time.

Jessica and pumpkins

Jessica and Joey
Go Jessica you are ahead!
Corn maze rules, do not pick the corn!Go little pig, Go

Becca Mexico Trip


On October 8th Becca went Mexico with Grant and his Family. They had a great time.
Grants mom and dad, two brothers and one of his sister and her family went to stay for fall break. They mostly worked on the house, but the kids did get in some shopping and becca learned to ride the quads. They played in the sand some and enjoyed the water. Becca said they ate tortallas every meal. she did not want any mexican food when she came home. I have added some pictures of grants family. It was so nice of them to invite becca to go to mexico with them for fall break. It was hard for me to not talk to her for 5 days. But I knew she would be ok. Becca came home with 2 new purses. does this surprise anyone?

Becca learned to ride the Quad

Becca and Grant on the Quad. She would not let Grant drive.

Becca and Grant on the beach

Grant and his mom

Grant with his brother jared and his dad looking at the water from the back deck of the house.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Making the doughnuts

Jessica making doughnuts !
Jessica and I were at the store and saw some doughnuts. They looked so good but for a little box of doughnut holes it was $3.99. Wow, that is a lot for such a few doughnuts. So I said why dont we make some? So we got out the cookbook and looked up doughnuts and we started making them. We made the standard doughnut and holes for a while then jessica got the idea to get the cookie cutters out for halloween and we did owls and bat shapes. It worked great, and they tasted even better. we put sugar and cinnamon on them. It was so much fun doing a project with jessica.

Doughnuts cooking in the oil.

The cinnamon and sugar

Owls and Bats cooking

Jessica rolling out some dough for the doughnuts

A Plate full of doughnuts!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Orchestra Concert of Year

Jessica's First Orchestra of 2008 - 2009 School Year

Jessica is in the Chamber Orchestra and HHS

She plays the Viola.

Jessica did a great job

Jessica in her Orchestra Uniform

Stevs BBQ Island Progress

Steve's BBQ Island !
Here is the Island steve has built this summer. He has done an amazing job. He is almost done now. He just has to finish the tile on the top and buy the grill. Also there are some doors that need to go on the front.

The Island BBQ
Steve working on the island