Sunday, November 30, 2008

Build A Bear



Rebecca decided it would be great to taker her sister to build a bear as her Christmas gift. The idea was Jessica makes a bear for Becca and Becca makes a bear for Jessica. That way when Becca is at school, They each had something to hug when the missed each other. So off to the store we went. Becca made a Penguin for Jessica and Jessica made a Moose for Becca. as you see by the picture Jessica has 2 moosens. The moose was on sale if you buy 2, so we got the boy moose for the family and the girl moose is for Becca. Okay, now you know the beginning of the story, lets continue. The girls picked out their animals.

Jessica is having the moose stuffed.

Jessica has picked out a heart for the moose, and is giving it lots of love.

The Moosens are stuffed ready to be washed and dressed.

Now it is Rebecca's turn.

The penguin is getting stuffed.

It is getting a heart.
Voila la, The Penguin is done.

They are getting their first baths.

Now the animals are getting dressed.

The girls are naming the animals. the penguin is named Arnold, The girl moose is Sakura, the boy moose is jingle light. (Don't ask)

The moosens are all dressed and named.

The Penguin is dressed, hey, whats with the boxers hanging out?

Our animals are all boxed up and ready to go home. we had a fun time at Build a Bear Workshop. I know the girls will hug their animals a lot. I think they will miss each other more then they know. This was a great Idea!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanksgiving 2008
We had a nice quiet thanksgiving this year. We has all the good stuff for dinner. Turkey, Dressing, Candied yams, Mashed Potatos, Gravy, Rolls, Salad, and corn. For desert I made a Pumpkin pie and a Dutch apple Pie. Yum Yum. It was so nice to have Grant over for dinner too. We went over to the Hartmans for awhile after dinner. The kids played rock band and made lots of noise. It was a nice day. Ok now I am ready for the Christmas Music. Even thought we have been listening to It on the radio for 3 weeks now, I can not feel bad about listening to it. I also love the Christmas movies that I can now watch with out anyone getting mad. These have been on TV for a few week also. I have put alot on the DVR.
I want to say to everyone how thankful we are for your love and friendship.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update on the Girls

Update on the Girl's, Boy's.
I thought you would like to see who the girl's are hanging out with these days. Jessica has a new firend, His name is Courtney. He is from Highland High School and is in the same grade as Jessica. He is a very nice guy.

Then there is Rebecca, she has Grant to hang out with. We enjoy having him around too. He is really going to miss Rebecca when she goes to school in January.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tiger 1999-2008

Tiger Urie 1999 - 2008

Today Tiger lost his battle. He was 9 1/2 years old. He was a great friend and Brother to Max and the Girls. He will truely be missed by all of us. He loved to go outside and roll in the dirt. He loved to swim in the pool and get baths. Tiger had the loudest purrrs ever. He was loving and kind. Always there if you were feeling down. I am so glad he has been a part of our family for the last 9 years. We have some great memories. Like the time we put a candle in his food for his birthday and he got to close and singed His whiskers, He never went near fire again. Or the time he got out of the house when we came home from a dance recital at about 12:ooAm. We did not know he got out. About 3am we heard knocking on the door. He was ready to come in. He was always there on the washer when I came home. So excited to see me and find out what I had brought home, he was hoping something was for him. Thank you Tiger for all the love you brought to our family. I love you and will miss you.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween Night 2008
It is Halloween, and the girls get to dress up and have fun. Jessica went over to Aunt Teresa's house to go to the trunk or treat and to go out with Jeff and his friends to get candy.
Rebecca and Grant went to a Dinner theater for the night. They had a good time.

Jessica and Rebecca

Grant and Jessica

All the kids

Rebecca and Grant the pirates

Cute Sisters !!


Rebecca and Grant
Aunt Teresa and Josh

Joseph as Spider Man

Uncle Steve ?

Starr and her BFF

Aunt Heidi and Uncle Bryce


Lets go Trick or Treating !

Go kids run, Get the candy!