Friday, April 24, 2009

Eating at LJ's Pizza

On Friday April 17th, we went to LJ's Pizza for some
food and fun. On Fridays the Nostalgics a Harmonica
Trio and a drummer play. It is so much fun to listen
to them. They also have kids come up and play with
them. Of course the girls have to go up and play with
them. They are so much fun to watch, the girls too.
It has been fun having Becca home for the past week.
We are going to miss her.

Steve and Becca


The Girls playing with the band

The Band gives them a Piece of paper money as a thank you.

Easter 2009

For Easter this year Becca was able to come home to
visit for a week. She came home on Saturday night and stayed
until the next Saturday. When she got home one of th
first things we did was to color Easter Eggs.
The girls did a great job and had fun doing it. It was so nice
to have the whole family together again.

Jessica Decorating her Egg.

Becca Home again!!

The girls decorating eggs for Easter!

What a nice bunch of eggs!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Becca's 19th Birthday


Rebecca Lyn Urie
April 5, 1990

One of my Favorite Pictures of Becca.

The Birthday girl, Happy 19th Birthday
Your family loves you!!

Trip to Orem

Becca's Birthday Weekend

On Thursday April 1, I drove from Gilbert to Orem Utah
to be with Becca for her birthday weekend. It is a 101/2 hour
drive. It was a very nice drive. I listened to a book on tape
which made the trip go very fast. I was also very excited to
see Becca after 3 months. Its hard for a mom to be away
from her daughter for so long.

One of my stops by Glen Canyon Dam

Becca had an audition with Disney on Friday Morning.
She did great!

Becca's Birthday lunch at the old Spaghetti Factory

As you know all good things come to an end. Becca had to leave to
go back to Rexburg. She boarded the Salt Lake Express and headed
home. We look forward to seeing her next week for Easter.

Canel Caper

Jeff and Steve run in the Canal Caper

On Saturday March 21, Steve and Jeff ran in the Canal
Caper in Ephrata. It is a run that goes from a park along
the Canal and back. It was so fun to watch and cheer for
them. Good job!!

Steve and Jeff